We are a  multi-platform event production company engaging & entertaining a world community of die-hard fans, providing the ultimate fan adventures!


Ray and Jill (Co-founders)

Bio: Co-founders of Angry Goat Productions, LLC; consider to be event innovators and the architect’s of the highly anticipated “Fan Adventure Series”, Ray and Jill are providing fellow Nerds with immersive and interactive experiences.


Philosophy: A departure from the big-box Cons we’re creating smaller more intimate events where the fan is the “Superhero” and we’re the Sidekick.


Favorite Fandom: So many that we created the company!


Favorite Fan Movie of 2017: Rogue One, but check back regularly!


Favorite Fan Convention Not Produced By You: We have not met a Con, Larp, or Renaissance Faire, that we haven’t liked. We do however hold out a soft spot for San Diego Comic-Con…

The Team


Favorite Fan Movie of 2016: Fantastic Beasts and Rogue One


Creative director


Media director

Favorite Fandom: Hard choice, but probably Harry Potter since it's what introduced him to his spouse.


Event Project Manager

Favorite Fandom: You mean besides Star Wars, of course? Adventure Time or Hunger Games. Wait, does Jennifer Lawrence have her own fandom yet?


Assistant Marketing Director